Transfer of Knowledge : Far Transfer

Nancy Dixon distinguishes between 5 kinds of Knowledge Transfer:
  • Serial Transfer
  • Near Transfer
  • Far Transfer
  • Strategic Transfer
  • Expert Transfer


Far Transfer from Hafidzah Aziz

Far Transfer
  • Far transfer tasks involve skills and knowledge being applied in situations that change.
  • Far transfer tasks require instruction where learners are trained to adapt guidelines to changing situations or environments. 
  • Far Transfer is a tacit knowledge a team has gained doing nonroutine tasks is transferred to other teams doing similar work in other parts of the organization.

Cultural Enabler in Far Transfer
  • The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. 
  • If it is a cultural or norms of the organization to share the knowledge and experience from senior to junior and to train from upper level to bottom line, that skills and knowledge will expand and new innovation will be able to develop. 

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  1. This is our presentation on Far Transfer.
    According to Nancy Dixon, Far Transfer is one of the kind of knowledge transfer.

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    Good Job.

  3. Dear Hafidzah, kindly acknowledge me for using my Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms, diagram in your blog, ( is my understanding cum summary of the drivers from Common Knowledge by Nancy Dixon, thanks very much-rgds, Ain

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  5. Inusa : I really appreciate that u really understand the concept of far transfer.