Class Activities

We have a very enjoyable and fun class activities in understanding about Tacit and Explicit knowledge. The activities are divided into two - tacit and explicit activities. Tacit activity is done by female group while explicit activity is done by male group.

Pictures source :

Tacit knowledge : Learn how to wrap nasi lemak.
Female group is teaching male group step-by-step how to wrap nasi lemak. 

Explicit knowledge : Male group introduce sign games to explain explicit knowledge

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  1. From the activities, I can understand that tacit knowledge is gain from experience and it is non-documented knowledge while explicit knowledge is gain through reading and it is documented knowledge.

  2. I like the way you manage to capture class activity with more pictures & less words which clearly convey your point. I totally agree with u on the last comment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us !

  3. Tq Alansari for viewing my blog and give positive comment on it. Tq so much
    Salam Idulfitri .....