Knowledge Management Drivers

Knowledge-Centric Drivers
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Just-in-time knowledge distribution systems deliver the:
right information to the right person just in time, so the employee can take action based on that information.

Right Information - Relevant and reliable information presented in the best format and the right amount of detail. 

Right People
 - Deliver this information to the appropriate individuals, or groups, or devices. 

Right Time
 - On a timely basis, and as and when the users need this information.

But just-in-time knowledge distribution systems also deliver information in a usable format, it’s useless knowledge if you cant use right away. So the Information must be Processed and Actionable.

Failure is equal to Success in terms of its knowledge business value . An organization must share and distribute knowledge from learned lessons, to prevent mistakes in the future.

Experts  should share their experiences with the rest as well as to design a  quality criteria to achieve a best practice.

Smart knowledge distribution helps to develop a best practice approach or enhance it.


Knowledge hoarding is when someone knows something but is either unwilling to share what they know—or at least disclose the source of their knowledge.  In other words, knowledge hoarding is the absence of the word how.

Job security:
Individual employees who keeps their important knowledge of company procedure and needs to them self instead of sharing.
Individual employees closely guard knowledge and insights due to fear of Job security.

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