iPerintis is a Malaysia MSC Status company. It located at Menara Perak, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur. Our daytrip to iPerintis on 9 April 2012 is to learn more about how ADDIE concept been applied in e-learning development products and services. It's an awesome day trip, I learn a lot.

Let me brief all of you about iPerintis.

In 2004, PETRONAS had requested that iPerintis manage their IT department and their IT needs. The objective behind the outsourcing exercise was to enable PETRONAS to concentrate on other areas that require more of their attention, such as managing their Oil & Gas (O&G) operations. 

iPerintis currently concentrates on developing two main areas : managed ICT services and IT consulting for enhancing a firm's business.


Memory in iPerintis, 
Menara Perak, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur

MMU Master students 
together with 
iPerintis representatives.

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