Instructional Designer for e-Learning Project

Below are the task for Instructional Designer for e-Learning Project

1. Work with Subject Matter Experts to identify what students need to learn
    - Subject Matter Experts really knows about the content which is to deliver in the project.

2. Develop objectives and ensure content matches those objectives
   - Fishbone
   - Learning Objective
3. Revise and rewrite content to shape it for learning needs
    - Flowchart

4. Structure content and activities for student learning
    - Content Structure
5. Create media to support learning
    - Storyboards
    - Voice Over

6. Develop assessments (note that this does not only mean tests)
   - According to ADDIE model, we need to evaluate the project.

7. Adapt instructional materials created for one format to another format
    - usually this is adapting materials from face-to-face to e-learning.

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  1. In e-learning, we need team to work with ... we cannot work alone.