Personal Knowledge Management Report


What is Personal Knowledge?

Personal knowledge includes knowledge gained from formal and informal instruction. Personal knowledge also includes memories, Information our parents told, stories we have been told or have told, personal contacts and relationships, books we have read or written, notes, documents, photographs of us or by us, intuitions, what we have learned from our colleagues, and what we know about everything in our world.

Personal knowledge management is how we manage all the personal knowledge we have and use it at the specific time and deliver it to other people. Each of us has an incredible knowledge base, but we do not use all of it regularly. We do not classify our personal knowledge either explicit or tacit, and we do not know which is the most important type of knowledge.

Personal knowledge management includes creating, organizing, and storing knowledge. But knowledge must also be shared if it is to be put to use. We share it through publications, presentations, conversations and stories.

Source: Martin J. Personal Knowledge Management. Managing Knowledge: Case Studies in Innovation.


What is special about personal knowledge? How that knowledge can be used effectively in our professional and personal life? How can we play our role by sharing that knowledge to begin change the culture? Or do we need to change our culture to adapt the knowledge from others?

Here is my experience in handling personal knowledge management. I am administrator in one of the university in Malaysia. I started studying Master of Multimedia (e-learning Technologies) in Multimedia University since June 2011. I'm lack of multimedia skills because my degree background was Islamic Economics. I challenged myself to learn and to adapt new technologies in multimedia in order to assist me in doing my job as administrator. I know that I must adapt with the technologies changes. 

1. Reflection (knowing WHAT you know)
In doing assignment in my 1st semester, I have no idea about flash, photoshop or any multimedia software except powerpoint only. Pity me because most of the students here are really up-to-date with all the technologies gadget. As administrator, most of the time I will use powerpoint more than other software. So I know that I need to enhance my skill and be creative in powerpoint, perhaps make it compatible as flash and photoshop.

2. Organizational Skills (knowing HOW to get what you know)
I know that I need to learn photoshop or flash. But the most easier and faster way is to enhance my skill in powerpoint. With my knowledge searching skill, I start to find out any course and workshop of powerpoint, photoshop and flash. 

3. Networking With Other (knowing WHO know)
I found out one man named Tuan Muhammad Suhaily who teach and train people to be creative in powerpoint and photoshop skills. I started to register his powerpoint and photoshop courses but unfortunately his schedule always clash with my study timetable. So I'm not able to attend his courses. But this doesn't demotivated me. I email him telling that I really want to attend his course and I really want to be his student. 

4. Manage Learning (knowing WHERE you know)
I learn his creativity through his blogs and learn more about powerpoint through website and youtube. I start to create my own creativity in powerpoint and upload it in Facebook. Lucky for me that Tuan Muhammad Suhaily admire my works and ask me to join him organizing the training workshop. By joining him in training course, I'm able to learn his skill and creativity as well as facilitate others.

5. Information Literacy (knowing HOW to use what you know)
Now we are handling powerpoint training course for corporate and government agencies throughout Malaysia. In this course, the students are able to create graphic, text or presentation just using powerpoint but look like using photoshop and flash software. For myself, I'm able to share and gain personal knowledge through this training course. 

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